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Another Soffit Lighting Project Well Done! A+ Exterior Lighting in Navarre, FL

Another Soffit Lighting Project Well Done!  A+ Exterior Lighting in Navarre, FL

Check out this exterior / soffit lighting project we completed over in Navarre FL. The difference is stunning. It was a pleasure working the homeowner.

We're in the Navarre area lighting up home after home. Give us a call today at 850-529-2169 to schedule your upcoming project!

All About Exterior Lighting in Navarre and surrounding areas:

Exterior soffit lights are installed in the underside of architectural features like eaves or overhangs. They are used to provide ambient lighting, enhance the aesthetic appeal of a property, and improve security by illuminating the exterior of the home.

Soffit lighting is typically installed in the soffits, which are the undersides of the eaves or roof overhangs.

Our Navarre electrician, RL Baker Electric, then would need to ensure that the existing electrical system can handle the additional load of the new soffit lighting. This may involve adding a new circuit or expanding the existing one.

The type of fixtures chosen will impact the overall look and functionality of the lighting. LED fixtures are popular for outdoor applications due to their energy efficiency and long lifespan.

Our electrician will need to carefully run wiring from the main electrical panel or a designated power source to each individual light fixture location. They'll ensure proper connections and secure installation to prevent any potential hazards.

Our trusted Navarre electrician will determine the best way to control the new lights. This could involve installing a dedicated switch, incorporating them into an existing lighting system, or utilizing smart lighting controls.

Depending on local building codes and regulations in Navarre, obtaining the necessary permits may be required for this type of installation.

Given that these are exterior lights, it's crucial to ensure that all connections and fixtures are weatherproofed and can withstand the elements.

The placement and spacing of the soffit lights will be important for achieving the desired lighting effect and enhancing the overall look of the home's exterior. RL Baker Electric is always willing to help with any design questions you may have for your upcoming exterior lighting project. We're here to help.

After the exterior lighting installation for your Navarre home is complete, the electrician will test each fixture to ensure they're functioning properly. They may also arrange for an inspection to confirm compliance with local electrical codes.

Remember, it's always best to hire a experienced electrician such as RL Baker Electric for any electrical work, especially projects involving the installation of multiple fixtures. They'll have the expertise to safely and effectively complete the job.

Location: Navarre, FL

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    4" HALO Lighting

Client Review

I have used Ryan for several of my lighting and wiring needs. He works hard, is prompt, and does great work! I will be using him for any of my further electrical needs!

- Christopher W

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